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Jazz Waltz in 6/4?

Drum lessons (advanced)Posted by Richard Thu, May 08, 2014 12:57:58
Yesterday, I pulled out an old worksheet I prepared about 6 years ago. It was a transcription of a "jazz waltz" pattern from a Van Morrison / Georgie Fame tune, "Early in the Morning" (I can't find the right version on YouTube, otherwise I'd link to it here).

In my original transcription, I'd written it out in 9/8, which obviously made sense at the time because there are three beats in the bar and it's played with a swing feel. The problem with this though is that it splits the pattern over two bars, which is kind of weird… and I now believe it to be incorrect.

Only when I looked at the pattern again yesterday did it dawn on me that it should be in 6/4. The pattern is a half-feel based around a dotted minim pulse. It makes much more sense this way and I'm not quite sure what I was thinking when I originally wrote it out!

It's a really nice pattern. At one point there's a tied note in the ride cymbal pattern which makes it really jazzy. And the stepped hi-hat pattern gives it a 'skippy' sort of feel.

So, is it still a jazz waltz if it has six beats to the bar? Hmm. I must admit, I've always though of waltzes as having three beats, but this 6/4 pattern is phrased in two groups of three. I think it might still be a waltz. Here's a worksheet with both 9/8 and 6/4 versions of the pattern so you can judge for yourselves.

You can download it here.